Simple Ways to Add Southern Charm

Southerners are simply raised accustomed to a certain way of life. Spring evenings spent on the patio, Sunday morning church and nightly family dinners are practically printed in our calendars (and that’s the way we like it). Our favorite way to reflect the warmest and wonderful parts of the South is right at home. Here are some of our favorite ways to add Southern charm to your home while still incorporating your personal style.  

Adding Shutters  

Shutters are classically Southern for a reason – heat! Architecture in the South has long been influenced by weather. With modern advances (hello, central air!), shutters are now primarily used for aesthetic reasons – style, light and privacy. But how do you find the perfect set of southern shutters?  

Choosing your exterior and interior shutters can start from home! We recommend browsing Pinterest to get a good idea of your own personal tastes. Instead of searching broadly with a term like “shutters,” search “Southern home exterior.” Create a new board filled with homes you love and look for similarities. Do you lean toward white brick homes with contrasting black louvered shutters? Coastal blue homes with dusted white Bahama shutters? It’s all a matter of taste! Show us what you love, and we’ll make it happen on your home.   

Combining Texture and Color Indoors  

When it comes to bringing the charm of the south to a home, we don’t stop with shutters. Choosing the perfect drapes can bring warmth, style and visual interest to any room of your home. Whether your Southern style leans toward classic sheer linen or a colorful and textured pleat, custom drapes make the possibilities endless.   

Our favorite Southern-inspired look for drapes: incorporating printed and solid drapes in the same window treatment. This layered technique creates a dramatic and upscale look while making a room feel like home.   

If you’re looking to incorporate Southern flair inside or out, get in touch! We’ll set up a free consultation, evaluate your home needs and bring your design dreams to life! 

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